What is eye bag removal ?

eye bag removal Eye bag removal surgery, or “blepharoplasty”, as it's called, is a surgical procedure that aims to improve the appearance of the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both.

This procedure gives the patient a rejuvenated, younger appearance to the surrounding area of the eyes, making them look much more rested and alert (you can see more eye bag removal pictures throughout our website)

So what exactly does eye bag removal surgery do?

-Remove excess fatty deposits that appear as tired, puffiness from the lower eyelids

-Remove bags from under the eyes

-Remove “droopiness” of the lower eyelids

-Remove excess skin and fine wrinkles from the lower eyelid

Is this surgery right for you?

Eye bag removal surgery is normally performed on men and women who have healthy facial tissue and muscles. They also must have realistic expectations on the outcome of their surgery. Another thing to be aware of is eye bag removal prices and which surgery best suits your budget.

Some good candidates include:


-Healthy individuals who do not have life-threatening illnesses or conditions that can hamper their healing

-Individuals with a specific goal in mind for their eye bag surgery. They must also have a positive outlook on the surgery itself

-Individuals with no serious eye conditions